Training Details

To attend:

  • Affiliate Training Camp is a two-step program – coaches must complete an online Coaches course, followed by a one day in-person interactive skills lab training
  • Coaches must be at least 18 years of age
  • Coaches are required to have a fitness or medical certification
  • New Affiliate/Program Head Coach is required to have a “get to know you” meeting with RSB Staff
  • Coaches must complete the online course with a minimum pass score of 80% or higher
  • Coaches must complete the entire training
  • Coaches must complete an application which must be approved by RSB HQ
  • Coaches must complete and return affiliate agreement before training camp
  • Coaches must submit proof of insurance before training camp


  • $800/Annual affiliate fee per location
  • $899/person for new affiliates
  • $699/person for new coaches from existing affiliate programs completing both online and in-person
  • $399/person for new coaches from existing affiliate programs completing online only


Upon registration, attendees receive a link to start their coursework via our learning management system. This must be completed prior to your scheduled one day in-person skills lab training.


Round 1: Parkinson’s Disease 101

Round 2: Medical Management of Parkinson’s Disease

Round 3: Rock Steady Boxing Philosophy

Round 4: The Science of Rock Steady Boxing

Round 5: Levels of Parkinson’s Disease

Round 6: Parkinson’s Disease Symptoms Tips & Tricks

Round 7: Class Curriculum Breakdown

Round 8: Volunteers

Round 9: Assessment & Intake

Round 10: When Reality Hits

Final Exam*

Participation Survey

*All participants are required to pass a 50 question final exam.


One Day In-Person Skills Lab Training Dates

*All paperwork (application & agreement) and self-guided training must be completed two weeks before your desired training date.*

  • Mar 26-27 – Oslo, Norway
  • Apr 25 – Indianapolis, IN
  • Jun 20 – Indianapolis, IN

If you are interested in starting an affiliate program, please contact for the next steps.

$800/year per location 

  • Includes Trademark Licensing & Affiliate Agreement.
  • After the first 12 months of affiliation, an affiliate may choose to switch to a monthly payment arrangement
  • Affiliate fees are non-refundable