Gary Stanton

I am Becoming "Rock Steady" and Fighting Back!

My diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease came in 2013. I was always involved in sports – running, baseball, hockey, golf and softball. But more and more I found myself out of shape, overweight and on the couch.  And by 2016, I was not interested in any sport or exercise.

Originally when someone mentioned to me a Rock Steady Boxing class in Rochester, New York as a way to combat the symptoms of my Parkinson’s, I could not imagine putting on a pair of boxing gloves. But, after the first month of attending these fun but intense workouts, I quickly realized that this program addresses all the major challenges of people with Parkinson’s disease face. Rock Steady Boxing classes include exercises for balance, coordination, strength, mobility and flexibility. Furthermore, the cardio benefits and improvements in my non-motor symptoms are icing on the cake too.

Eventually, the Rock Steady Boxing program became a consistent part of my life. It has given me a much needed fighting spirit for my Parkinson’s. The improvements I have experienced in mobility, balance, strength and tremor control are remarkable and empowering. Rock Steady Boxing gives me a sense of control against this disease I thought was uncontrollable. I am becoming “Rock Steady” and I’m fighting back!

The honor and privilege is all mine to associate with such a wonderful bunch of determined individuals. I am also thankful for our dedicated coaches, Jennifer and Lindsay. Our coaches have been an integral part in pressing us all forward and encouraging us to never give up. Without them, so many of us would not have this program to fight our disease.

Bottom line: If you know anybody with Parkinson’s disease, send them to a Rock Steady Boxing class. I promise they’ll be happy in their decision to get off their couch and fight back!

– Gary, Rock Steady Boxing Rochester, NY