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Help us Fight Back! Become a Rock Steady Boxing volunteer today!

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With the new year comes a time to renew our goals, and our mission of fighting back against Parkinson’s Disease.  This year, there are many great things happening in the world of Rock Steady Boxing.  If you’ve heard about Rock Steady Boxing, and are interested in being more involved, one of the great parts about Rock Steady Boxing is the volunteer force that all of our coaches and boxers are grateful for.  At The Rock Steady Headquarters gym in Indianapolis, we have a super group of volunteers (20+ strong!) that are dedicated to making each workout the best they can for the boxers.

What exactly does a volunteer do? Glad you asked! Volunteers greatly help out our coaches by assisting in set up before the class, ensuring the safety of all of the boxers during the class, and being a great support system to make the classes fun and meaningful for the boxers.  In addition to all of that, volunteers also dedicate their time by helping us at events and all other sorts of things that we do in order to make Rock Steady Boxing a great place to be!

Are YOU interested in becoming a volunteer? We hope so!  The best place to start is to head over to our “Find A Class” page, enter your location, and reach out to a Rock Steady Boxing near you to see about volunteer opportunities!  Thank you for being in our corner!