Ursa Major, CGC, TDI

Ursa is an accidental Black Russian Terrier/Standard Poodle mix.  As a puppy she looked like a little bear cub and was dubbed Ursa Minor until she grew into Ursa Major.

At the age of 13 weeks, Ursa attended her first exercise class for older adults. It was to be a one-time thing – show and tell.  The class told their instructor not to come back without her, and so her working life began.

It’s a tough life being a therapy dog: pets,

hugs, massages, treats, naps – work, work, work. In 2015 she attended her first Rock Steady Boxing class and immediately made herself at home in the middle of the noise and chaos, although she’s still wondering where that rabbit is that everyone is always chasing.

Ursa’s credentials include novice and advanced obedience certificates, AKC Canine Good Citizen, and certification with Therapy Dogs International (TDI®).

On her days off, Ursa enjoys sleeping, running in the woods, and chasing the same darn squirrel up the same darn tree that she still hasn’t figured out how to climb.