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APRIL 11, 2022 – Sit-to-Stand Challenge

RSB is teaming up with Neuro Heroes (UK), UTurn Parkinson’s (Canada), PD Avengers and others around the world for a worldwide Sit-to-Stand Challenge! RSB Affiliate coaches rocked this challenge throughout January with a total of 236,719 sit-to-stands! On World Parkinson Day (April 11), our goal is to complete 1,000,000 sit-to-stands representing the number of people living with Parkinson’s disease in the United States.

Why sit-to-stands? Sitting and standing is something we all do each day. For people with Parkinson’s, balance can be something that is lost over time. Sit-to-stands recruit and engage stability muscles which can increase mobility, independence and improve balance.

We need your help!

Register today at this link: