Affiliate Training Camp

Rock Steady Boxing is a program, not a place. Our goal is to educate as many people as possible about the benefits of intense exercise, and to establish safe and welcoming programs in every community for people with Parkinson’s to fight back.

During the Affiliate Training Camp, you will learn boxing skills and techniques and the specific ways that intense exercise impacts Parkinson’s. This training is intended for personal trainers, physical therapists, rehab facilities, boxing coaches, and other certified fitness and medical professionals who want to learn how to begin RSB classes in their own community and join our affiliate family.

The Training Camp provides an overview of Parkinson’s disease, beginning boxing techniques and adaptations of our fitness program designed to combat 23 common symptoms of PD. The course includes both an online 15 Round Training as well as a two-day interactive skills lab.


Training Options

“Rock Steady has been a wonderful addition to our community. I love the programming suggestions and it has helped me become better at a job I have had for almost 20 years! Thank you Rock Steady!” - Nancy