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Boxing coaches, physical therapists, and other fitness professionals are constantly searching for new, better ways to boost the skills and health of their clients. And that’s why many are getting certified in Rock Steady Boxing (RSB). It’s a fantastic program that enhances the lives of people with Parkinson’s Disease (PD). RSB is taking the world by storm with nearly 850 programs in operation and more than 43,000 international boxers in training! If you are ready to join this powerful movement, continue reading below.

What Is Rock Steady Boxing?

Rock Steady Boxing is a global organization that caters to improving lives of the more than 60,000 people diagnosed annually with Parkinson’s Disease. RSB trainers offer intensive instruction that helps people with Parkinson’s improve their health, fitness, balance, and, most importantly, their confidence.

The program utilizes non-contact boxing as a primary element to help Parkinson’s patients live more complete, happier lives. A Rock Steady Boxing certification will teach you highly effective, simple-to-implement techniques that you can incorporate into your training sessions in your community.

Rock Steady Boxing is a unique, Indianapolis-based nonprofit entity founded in 2006 with the primary goal of enhancing the health and mobility of those with Parkinson’s. And, even though boxing may seem like an unexpected therapeutic modality for treating PD, it’s powerful for helping people with Parkinson’s to live more independently.

Benefits of Rock Steady Boxing

As a boxing coach and certified RSB instructor, you can significantly expand your customer base while helping people live with more confidence and physical ability. You’ll assist your clients in refining their exercise techniques, improve their overall physical and mental health, and help them better manage their Parkinson’s symptoms.

As a boxing trainer, you already know the importance of optimal coordination, agility, strength, balance, speed, and rhythm – all of which are limited in people with Parkinson’s. That’s why RSB is so effective for helping those living with PD.

There are many physical and mental benefits linked to Rock Steady Boxing, including:

  • Increased mindfulness about posture and proper, safe movement
  • Increased muscular strength and range of motion
  • Increased satisfaction and happiness in life
  • Relaxed muscles with less rigidity
  • Decreased fear of falling down

At RSB, the opponent is Parkinson’s Disease, and our program is carefully designed to challenge every participant’s unique abilities. The goal is to encourage every student to improve not only their boxing skills but their confidence and assertiveness in life. RSB empowers people with PD to live richer lives that they have more control over.

Is RSB Right for Me?

We understand that as a boxing coach, your responsibilities are to work in person with your boxers, either individually or in group settings, to help them enhance their abilities and meet their personal goals. Rock Steady Boxing techniques are non-contact, so there’s no worry of incurring any physical injuries. Rather, physicality is enhanced with our safe, effective techniques. Below you will find what advantages you gain as a boxing coach when you become an RSB-certified coach.

Additional qualifications as a coach

As a boxing coach certified in RSB techniques, you’ll be able to better help your current boxers hone their skills while also becoming healthier and happier people.

Expand your customer base

Your certification will enable you to market your services to a new class of potential clientele. It’s a beautiful feeling knowing that you’re helping people live more accessible, more independent lives.

Better visibility for your brand

So many people love Rock Steady Boxing, and for a good reason! When the people in your community see that you have taken the time and effort necessary to become certified as an RSB trainer, they will appreciate your brand more than ever. It shows a compassionate side that many people may not expect from a boxing coach.

Why Should You Work With RSB?

Rock Steady Boxing was founded in 2006 by Scott C. Newman after he was diagnosed with PD at the age of 40. Former Golden Gloves boxer Vince Perez helped Scott develop the program based on his highly successful career as a pugilist. Scott and Vince worked together to develop these techniques, which have allowed Scott to regain control over his life and, more importantly, help so many others do the same.

Rock Steady Boxing is a flourishing 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization. Our primary goal is to equip and empower our affiliates, physical therapists, boxing coaches, health and fitness coaches, and other health and wellness professionals to assist people with Parkinson’s in improving their quality of life through routine exercise and socialization.

How RSB Beats Out Competitors

While it’s true that trainers today offer a countless assortment of certifications and new-age accolades, obtaining certification in Rock Steady Boxing demonstrates a sincere commitment to helping people instead of just teaching them to fight.

Our protocols are perfect for those who have recently been diagnosed with Parkinson’s and those who have been living with PD for many years. We help all types of people to navigate all of the stages of this complex neurological condition. In our opinion, Rock Steady Boxing is the best personal training program for Parkinson’s rehabilitation in the entire world.

Reach Out to Rock Steady Boxing to Get Started

Rock Steady Boxing has the knowledge, experience, resources, and international reach that you need to help grow your coaching business and blow past your previous business goals.

If you are a boxing coach or another type of personal trainer who wants to expand your client base and truly make a difference in the world by helping people live more enriched lives, reach out to our helpful and friendly team today for more information. Get in the FIGHT against Parkinson’s!