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As a health and wellness coach for people with Parkinson’s Disease (PD), you want to utilize the newest and most effective techniques to help your clients live their best lives, right? Then you’re going to love Rock Steady Boxing!

RSB is a complete exercise and vitality program that’s been specially designed for people with PD. It helps those with Parkinson’s improve their quality of life, whether they have lived with PD for many years or have been recently diagnosed. Rock Steady Boxing helps people with PD to improve their balance, strength, and confidence while decreasing muscular rigidity.

Introducing Rock Steady Boxing

Being diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease can be overwhelming. Currently, there is no known cure for PD, nor any type of treatment that has been conclusively shown to slow down its progression. However, it has been shown that regular exercise can significantly improve Parkinson’s symptoms.

Rock Steady Boxing is a health and wellness program that has taken years to cultivate. It’s a complete, ready-to-go system that health and wellness coaches can integrate into their current practices to achieve better client results.

The primary element of the RSB technique is based on non-contact boxing moves. Health and wellness coaches like you can help people fight back against this debilitating condition that affects more than 60,000 new patients annually. There are more than 840 international RSB programs helping people with Parkinson’s enjoy more confident, capable, happy lives.

Medical Benefits Provided By Rock Steady Boxing

Nearly everybody with Parkinson’s Disease is able to benefit from RSB training. Of course, there’s an initial intake evaluation conducted to make sure that the program is safe for new boxers. Each individual’s unique abilities are scrutinized to ensure that a proper training protocol is initiated. Some boxers require a partner or another caregiver to help them during sessions.

Rock Steady Boxing offers education and certification for health and wellness coaches who would like to expand their client bases by catering to the needs of those with PD. Here are just a few of the awesome benefits that your boxers will gain during RSB sessions:

Improving motor skills

Rock Steady Boxing training will help your clients improve gross motor skills like jumping, throwing, and walking.

Enhancing balance

RSB classes help boxers to loosen tight muscles, which are common in Parkinson’s Disease. Many health and wellness coaches like to add elements of Tai chi or yoga to help their clients experience even stronger restorative benefits, and adding RSB works the same way.

Strengthening the core

People with Parkinson’s Disease often lack the sufficient core strength to engage in daily life activities. You will love watching your clients improve their gross motor skills and core strength, allowing them to reclaim their independence and confidence.

Improving rhythm and timing

Many people with PD lack fluent rhythm in their motions. But boxing is all about rhythm! As a certified Rock Steady Boxing personal trainer, you’ll help your clients flow smoothly and rhythmically through their lives with forgotten ability and strength.

Expanding the range of motion

Parkinson’s Disease is marked by physical and neurological symptoms that reduce the individual’s range of motion. RSB training can help reverse those effects, capacitating the student to enjoy a broader range of body movement and increasing strength.

Straightening the posture

Parkinson’s Disease is often marked by the chronically poor posture that can cause permanent malformation in the spine. As a health and wellness coach for people with Parkinson’s, you provide instruction that helps them be aware of their posture and improve their overall spinal alignment over time.

More effective walking ability

As your boxers with Parkinson’s Disease continue to strengthen their muscles and improve their balance, they will be so excited that they’re able to walk better than they have in years. As their gait improves and their faces smile, you’ll be rewarded for your efforts as their personal coach.

Will RSB Work for My Clients?

If your goal as a health and wellness coach is to help your clients live more enriched, content lives, then the Rock Steady Boxing method is a powerful tool for your success. When you achieve certification as an RSB instructor, you’ll enjoy:

  • A marketing tool to grow your business
  • Greater exposure for your business
  • An entirely new class of clientele

Becoming a member of the Rock Steady Boxing network makes you a part of an international team of leaders who care about helping others live their best lives with improved strength, confidence, and ability.

Why Choose RSB Over the Competition?

We understand that health and wellness coaches have an endless number of new programs that could be adopted into their practices, but none are to the level of RSB. Scott C. Newman founded RSB with the help of Vince Perez, a former Golden Gloves boxer. The two worked together to develop techniques that allowed Scott to regain control over his Parkinson’s Disease symptoms, and then he decided to share it with the world.

Today, Rock Steady Boxing is a thriving international nonprofit organization. Our goal is to equip and empower health and wellness coaches, boxing coaches, physical therapists, and other health professionals to help people with Parkinson’s Disease to improve their quality of life with more exercise and increased socialization. There’s no other program like this in the world!

Contact Rock Steady Boxing to Get Started Today

If you are a health and wellness coach who’s ready to enter a new phase of your operations, grow your client base, and experience more personal satisfaction in helping others than you ever have before, reach out to our friendly team at Rock Steady Boxing today. We’re here to help you experience more prosperity in your business by helping other people.