Personal Trainers

As a personal trainer for people with Parkinson’s disease (PD), you’re always searching for the newest and best health and wellness techniques to benefit your clients.

Enter Rock Steady Boxing!

Rock Steady Boxing is a comprehensive exercise program specifically designed for the PD community. It safely and effectively helps to enhance overall quality of life – in both recently diagnosed young people and older adults living with Parkinson’s – by increasing strength, enhancing balance, reducing limb rigidity, restoring lost confidence, and improving whole-body functioning through non-contact boxing exercises.

What is Rock Steady Boxing?

Getting diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease can be devastating. However, research and many professionals suggest exercise can be very beneficial.

Rock Steady Boxing is a program that equips personal trainers and other fitness professionals with skills and exercises that can greatly benefit people with Parkinson’s disease.

The Rock Steady Method is a system of group classes or 1:1 sessions based on non-contact boxing that helps people fight back against PD symptoms. More than 60,000 people are diagnosed with Parkinson’s every year. Currently, there are approximately 840 Rock Steady Boxing programs worldwide serving over 50,000 boxers worldwide with trained instructors to help people with PD live fuller, happier, and more able lives.

Rock Steady Boxing certifies personal trainers that can help clients improve balance, mobility, and confidence to increase their independence.

Benefits Provided By Rock Steady Boxing Classes

Rock Steady Boxing provides education and certification for personal trainers who cater to the unique needs of patients with Parkinson’s disease or who would like to branch out into the field. When clients participate in an RSB class under your instruction, they stand to enjoy various benefits. These include:

Gross Motor Movement

Learning the exercises performed in Rock Steady Boxing will help your clients develop gross motor skills such as walking, jumping, hopping, crawling, and throwing. In other words, with routine practice, general movement and physical ability are enhanced.


Rock Steady Boxing classes help stretch, loosen, and strengthen tight muscles, which could lead to improved balance. Increasingly, personal trainers can include yoga and Tai chi instruction in classes to help their clients with PD experience even more benefits.

Core Strength

If your core is strong, you’re strong all over. You enjoy watching your clients as they are learning new exercises that help them reclaim their strength of body – and power of the mind.


Boxing is all about rhythm! Fluent rhythm is something that many people with Parkinson’s lack. When you get your certification as a personal trainer with Rock Steady Boxing, you’ll enjoy helping people with Parkinson’s flow rhythmically through their lives with greater strength and ability.

Range of Motion

Parkinson’s causes neurological and physical symptoms that decrease a person’s range of motion. Regular training in RSB classes will help reverse those effects, enabling the individual to enjoy a fuller range of bodily movements.

Is RSB Suitable for Me?

Rock Steady Boxing certification is suitable for personal trainers who like to help people set new goals, get out of their comfort zones, and do things that they didn’t think they were capable of.

There are good reasons to become RSB-certified via our training course, including:

New Clientele

Rock Steady Boxing is an international organization dedicated to improving people’s lives with Parkinson’s disease. There are approximately 840 RSB programs globally, which means a high influx of new clientele for your training business. Check out our course today!

Additional Qualifications

RSB provides the training, education, and certification that you’ll need to best help people with Parkinson’s disease live fuller happier lives. Your certification will further prove your abilities to help clients enhance physical and mental health. Most personal trainers instantly approve of our course objectives.

Better Visibility For You as a Brand

Associating yourself with the Rock Steady Boxing brand will create better visibility for your business. Becoming a personal trainer with an RSB certification puts you in the fast lane for obtaining new clientele wherever you are now or wherever you go in the future.

Get Started Today

If you’re ready to become a personal trainer certified in Rock Steady Boxing, contact us online today. Our friendly team is here to support you, get you certified with training, increase your clientele, and give you the joy of improving the lives of so many people with Parkinson’s.