Laughter is the Best Medicine

A guy with Parkinson’s walks into a bar.  The bartender yells “EARTHQUAKE, EVERYBODY HOLD ON!”  And the Parkie says, “What earthquake?” To the general public jokes about Parkinson’s disease might seem taboo.  But at Rock Steady, jokes and laughter are a common thread that fosters togetherness.  The Rock Steady method combines forced intense exercise with a heavy dose of silliness and laughter.  We call this “The Fun Factor.”  People can’t wait to return to class, partl…
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Wrapping Our Heads Around Dementia

by Marcia Wilson It’s confusing. It’s frustrating. It’s complicated. It’s hard to understand and it’s not fair! And you’re the one with the functional brain; just imagine what it’s like for your loved one, friend or boxer with dementia. While slower processing of information is not uncommon with Parkinson’s disease (PD), it doesn’t generally present a great challenge for coaches and cornermen (caregivers).  Medications, urinary tract infections, depression, thyroid, and hea…
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Why Do We Box?

“Parkinson’s and boxing?” “Don’t they know what happened to Muhammad Ali?” Yes.  Rock Steady Boxing and its affiliates are beginning boxing programs around the world for people with Parkinson’s disease.  But our boxing program is completely NON-contact.  The curriculum is designed to improve Parkinson’s symptoms through a boxing-inspired fitness regimen.  And it works. To the outside world, this seemingly counter-intuitive concept of boxing for Parkinson’s raises eyebrow…
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