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How to Help Someone with Parkinson’s Disease Thrive

Individuals diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease (PD) often search for the best ways to mitigate the symptoms they are dealing with. While things like traditional physical therapy may offer some relief, few programs help give them their everyday lives back. 

Rock Steady Boxing is centered around helping PD patients live a life full of physical activities and individual freedoms that are often taken away from them. 

Rock Steady Boxing (RSB) training is a practical, holistic training method that is hugely beneficial for people in all stages of Parkinson’s Disease, including those who have just been diagnosed and those who have lived with PD for decades. If you want to improve the quality of life of yourself or a loved one with PD, then a Rock Steady Boxing class may be for you.

What Is a Rock Steady Boxing Class?

Rock Steady Boxing classes are comprehensive exercise programs designed for the PD community. They safely and effectively help to enhance the overall quality of life – in both recently diagnosed young people and older adults living with Parkinson’s – by increasing strength, enhancing balance, reducing limb rigidity, restoring lost confidence, and improving whole-body functioning through non-contact boxing exercises.

Non-contact boxing is the main activity, and it is based on the fact that people with PD can often improve their condition by participating in boxing-based activities. Non-contact boxing is a fantastic way to work on and improve balance, coordination, and overall confidence in your ability to move.

More than 60,000 people are diagnosed with Parkinson’s every year, and currently, approximately 840 Rock Steady Boxing programs worldwide serve over 50,000 boxers. Trained instructors are there to help people with PD live more capable lives every day

How Does RSB Help Parkinson’s Disease Symptoms?

RSB was founded to help individuals diagnosed with PD live more complete lives and improve their physical abilities. Through our carefully crafted workouts, we can see tremendous strides in the health of those who take our classes. Some of the physical benefits people can expect from an RSB class include the following:


Many people with Parkinson’s disease lack fluent rhythm, and by teaching them how to box, they can expect greater strength and ability. Rhythm also transfers to other daily life activities like dancing.

Improved Range of Motion

Parkinson’s decreases an individual’s range of motion by causing neurological and physical symptoms. However, taking RSB classes on a regular basis will help reverse these effects and restore the individual’s range of motion, so they can enjoy a fuller life.

Strengthened Core

Improved core strength has a wide range of physical benefits, especially for those diagnosed with PD. Having a strong core allows you to better perform physical activities and gain confidence in your abilities.

Better Balance

Our classes help you stretch, loosen, and strengthen tight muscles – this could lead to increased balance and coordination. An increase in balance can also transfer to other physical activities like going up the stairs or simply walking unassisted.

Are Rock Steady Boxing Classes Right for Me?

Nearly everybody with Parkinson’s disease can benefit from RSB boxing classes. Whether you are newly diagnosed or have been for decades, our program is individualized to each person’s unique challenges.

An initial intake evaluation is conducted to make sure that the program is safe for new boxers. Each individual’s unique abilities are evaluated to ensure that a proper training protocol is initiated.

If you or a loved one are interested in regaining confidence, improving physical abilities, and having fun, then an RSB class might be for you!

Contact Us Today to Get Started

Our RSB classes are perfect for any Parkinson’s patient looking for an exciting challenge that will help them live their best life. Our programs offer a wide range of benefits, including increased strength, confidence, and motor skills. Plus, we have classes located all across the country, so finding one near you is easy.

Don’t wait any longer for you or a family member to start living the life you deserve. Contact us today to learn more about our programs and how they can help you achieve your goals.