Phil Boring

fotor01014122532From: Susan B.

Sent: September 23, 2014

To: Rock Steady Boxing

Subject: THANK YOU!

Dear Rock Steady Boxing,

I just want to say THANK YOU to each and every one of you at Rock Steady Boxing.

I’ve been home with my parents for the past two weeks helping out after my mom’s fall last month. It has been a rough year for them and my dad’s Parkinson’s disease diagnosis was a tough one for him to swallow.

Thank goodness Uncle Gary has been there with him and is inspiring him to fight and leading the way. I am so proud of Dad and can see a huge difference in how far he has come now that his medication is on track and he has been going to Rock Steady.

Last fall, he could barely walk 10 feet without stopping to rest and shooting a basketball was out of the question. He called my mom crying tears of joy last Friday after he made five baskets in a row at the gym. We took a walk around an old family cemetery on Saturday afternoon and I wasn’t nervous about him tromping on uneven ground, up hills, down hills, and back to the car.

My dad is a hard nut to crack and tends to be a glass half empty kind of guy, but he is a softy and I love him more than words can say. Because of his hard work and your program and support, he has tangible evidence and data to support that he has improved. A former Purdue basketball player who can make a basket again – it’s a huge thing.

Thank you for all you do!