Sheila Lynes

sheilaFrom: Chris N.

To: Rock Steady Boxing

Subject: My mum Sheila

Dear Rock Steady Boxing,

I live in England, and have been trying to find something that would help both my parents. My mum because of her Parkinson’s had really started to deteriorate, and also for my dad, as the strain of caring for mum had started to tell on him too.

Whilst searching the internet from over here in the UK, I kept coming across this system called Rock Steady Boxing, in Indianapolis, but it did not sound like the sort of thing that would suit my parents.

Finally, I got desperate to try and find anything that would give support to Dad. I had nowhere else to turn, so phoned my dad and said I really feel you should try this program out for mum… his first reaction was the same as mine and laughed, trying to imagine mum doing “boxing”!

Dad got in contact with Rock Steady and straight away decided it was worth a try. They have been coming to you, as you know, for the last few months, and things are fairly unbelievable. Mum has learnt how to get herself up off the floor, which had been an impossibility for the past few months!

Even if that had been all that had happened, it would have been worth her coming along, but she suddenly said to me the other day, “It is amazing how that program is helping me, before I went there I really felt I was nearly at the end of the road, and things were going from bad to worse, but since going to Rock Steady I really feel as though there is some light at that tunnel end!”

What could I say to that? I was SO excited for mum to admit how she had been feeling prior to Rock Steady but was extremely sad, as I was not too sure if she had realized how bad she was, but – what an amazing proof that all your hard work, planning and research is worth its weight in gold!

Thank you Rock Steady Boxing, keep up your excellent work, and PLEASE keep mum and dad inspired as together you seem to be working a few miracles!

– Chris