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PopSockets Donates $84,000 to RSB

Rock Steady Boxing received an amazing gift of $84,000 from PopSockets as a partner in their “DoGood” campaign!

PopSockets grips are fun accessories that make holding your phone easier so you can do more. Over the years, the PopSockets team had received emails from people who have a hard time comfortably using their mobile devices due to health issues like Parkinson’s disease.

“They shared with us their frustrations about struggling to call loved ones, order take-out, or even call 911 because they have trouble holding their phones steady,” said David Barnett, PopSockets Founder and CEO. “They have also told us how PopSockets have helped.”

PopSockets recently launched DoGood, a program that focuses on giving back to the community. Last winter, they wanted to drive awareness of Parkinson’s disease and the people who live with it every day. As part of this campaign, they partnered with Rock Steady Boxing, as well as the Davis Phinney Foundation, the Michael J. Fox Foundation, and Dance for PD, and donated 10% of their online net proceeds in October, November, and December to these organizations. Click HERE to watch a short video on their “DoGood” campaign for Parkinson’s disease. 

They also donated 10,000 PopSocket devices to members of the Parkinson’s community to try one for free!